Training Videos

It is very important to maximize your training investment in any economic climate. It may be more critical to train your employees in a downturn to capture every dollar of profit; but the challenge remains that budgets are reduced in a downturn. So how can we assure that our employees have the core competency skills to maximize profits at a reduced cost.One way is with training Videos.

We have build some introduction to the topics and place for free on U-Tube, as well as some safety videos. They can be found at;

Karl Kolmetz CPE Channel

The Advanced Videos can be purchased here for USD 499.95 each

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Please Review our list of Training Video Topics

Project Management

  1. KLM Introduction to Project Management (Free on U-Tube)
  2. Intro to Project Management Slides

  3. Advanced Project Management Part 1 - covers project time, quality and cost

  4. Advanced Project Management Part 2 - covers project scope, risk and schedule

  5. Advanced Project Management Part 3 - covers project teams, execution and control

Process Simulation

  1. Introduction to Process Simulation and Rating Process Simulation Programs (Free on U-Tube)

  2. Advanced Process Simulation Part 1 - covers general towers simulation and tray efficiency - DePentizer Example

  3. Advanced Process Simulation Part 2 - covers refinery crude towers

  4. Advanced Process Simulation Part 3 - covers refinery vacuum towers

  5. Advanced Process Simulation Part 4 - covers ethylene plant general towers - C3 Splitter Example

  6. Advanced Process Simulation Part 5 - covers ethylene plant quench oil and quench water towers

  7. Advanced Process Simulation Part 6 - covers untilizing simulation programs to assist in troubleshooting

Process Unit Flare Systems

  1. KLM Introduction to Process Unit Flares (Free on U-Tube)

  2. Advanced Process Flares Part 1 - covers Relief Valve Design and Sizing
  3. Intro to Relief Valves is 55 slides

    Theroy of Relief Valves is 156 slides

  4. Advanced Process Flares Part 2 - covers Flare Header Design and Sizing
  5. Intro to Flare Header is 49 slides

    Theroy of Flare Header is 79 slides

  6. Advanced Process Flares Part 3 - covers Flare Knock Out Drum Design and Sizing

  7. Advanced Process Flares Part 4 - covers advanced flare / tip design and troubleshooting


  1. KLM Introduction to Distillation Troubleshooting (Free on U-Tube)

  2. Advanced Distillation Part 1 - covers types of trays and packing and when to utilize each
  3. Advanced Distillation Part 1 has 53 slides

    Advanced Distillation Part 2 has 66 slides

  4. Advanced Distillation Part 2 - covers tray and packing hydraulics
  5. Distillation Hydraulics has 79 slides

  6. Advanced Distillation Part 3 - covers distillation for fouling service
  7. Intro to Distillation Fouling has 28 slides - free on youtube

    Distillation Fouling Part 2 has 67 slides

  8. Advanced Distillation Part 4 - covers distillation for vacuum service
  9. Distillation for Vacuum Service has 63 slides

  10. Advanced Distillation Part 5 - covers optimizing columns for improved operation and maintenance
  11. Distillation Optimization has 93 slides

  12. Advanced Distillation Part 6 - covers distillation process control
  13. Distillation Process Control has 67 slides

  14. Advanced Distillation Part 7 - covers advanced distillation troubleshooting with case studies

  15. Advanced Distillation Part 8 - covers distillation commissioning
  16. Distillation Commissioning has 67 slides

  17. Advanced Distillation Part 9 - covers distillation for operations personnel
  18. Distillation for Operations Personnel Part 1 has 38 slides - free on youtube

    Distillation for Operatoins Personnel Part 2 has 79 slides

Ethylene Plant

  1. Introduction to Ethylene Processing (in progress)

  2. Advanced Ethylene Part 1 - covers ethylene chemistry and process configurations

  3. Advanced Ethylene Part 2 - covers ethylene furnace configurations and advantages to each

  4. Advanced Ethylene Part 3 - covers ethylene quench towers / hot section

  5. Advanced Ethylene Part 4 - covers ethylene cold section

  6. Advanced Ethylene Part 5- covers ethylene troubleshooting with case studies

  7. Advanced Ethylene Part 6 - covers optimizing ethylene plant operations


  1. Introduction to Refining (Free on U-Tube)
  2. Introduction to Refining Slides

  3. Advanced Refining Part 1 - covers refining chemistry and configurations

  4. Advanced Refining Part 2 - covers crude unit configurations

  5. Advanced Refining Part 3 - covers general refining catalyst processes
  6. Refining Catalyst Processes has 77 slides

  7. Advanced Refining Part 4 - covers hydrotreater processes

  8. Advanced Refining Part 5 - covers catalyic reformer processes

  9. Advanced Refining Part 6 - covers FCC processes

  10. Advanced Refining Part 7 - covers refinery troubleshooing with case studies

Process Safety

1. Overview of Process Safety Management 

2. Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Leadership Training 

3. Layers Of Protective Analysis (LOPA) Training 

4. Management of Change (MOC) Training 

5. Process Audit Training 

6. Facility Siting Training 

7. Incident Investigation Training

8. Pre Start Up Safety Review (PSSR) Training