High Value Training Plan

It is very important to maximize your training investment in any economic climate. It may be more critical to train your employees in a downturn to capture every dollar of profit; but the challenge remains that budgets are reduced in a downturn. So how can we assure that our employees have the core competency skills to maximize profits at a reduced cost. One idea is to consider a non-travel training plan.

KLM Technology Group has developed a High Value Training Plan for your company. The High Valve Training Plan has six parts;

  1. Excellent Training Courses based on the KLM’s Courses for each student to study at their own pace. The presentation material is converted to study modules. You may choose from our list of courses or we can custom build a course for your team. A list of KLM’s Courses may be found here;

  2. Training Courses

  3. Study Questions for each Training Module.

  4. A two-hour webinar for a review of the training materials and a Q&A Section for each student. If you have four students taking a course this may be an eight-hour webinar.

  5. Recognized subject matter professional to lead the webinar. This is important to gain the most from the training time and budgets.

  6. A 25 Question Test from each training module

  7. Training Course Certification

    This is a great program for your team. The modules may be self-paced with subject matter processional to assist and provide support. The cost of the High Value Training Plan is USD 599.95 per student.

    Please review our purchasing guidelines here;

  8. Purchasing Guidelines