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Engineers spend thousand of hours each year seeking the correct solution to their unique process problem. Many times their research brings conflicting answers from the standard industry resources, and sometimes "conflict of interest" advice from the process equipment and chemical suppliers.

What we do is provide with our Key Partners;

1) Specialized technical articles and books,
2) Detailed Engineering Design Guidelines,
3) Project Engineering Standards and Specifications,
4) Typical Process Unit Operating Manuals,
5) Training Videos,
6) Specialized Consulting,
7) Process Equipment

so that the best practical solution can be identified quickly, with lower overall cost, reduced man hours and head aches.

Engineering and Process Equipment Design Guidelines

Project Engineering Standards and Specifications

Typical Unit Operating Manuals

Pressure Relieving System Design

Operations Training & Development

Operations Simulation and Optimization

Operations Commissioning

Distillation Fundamentals

Project Management

Application Process Designs

Safety Management

Energy Optimization

Environment Management

Chemical Cleaning &Treatment

Strategic Planning & Economic Evaluation

Chemical Treatment Utilization & Optimization