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Process simulation 


               Our Personnel group has been formed by engineering professionals from operating, engineering, and service companies. We

                   believe the experience, training, and expertise gained over the years by our team is a marketable commodity. 


                   We make use of the extensive operational experience to offer our customers integrated and proven solutions. Software and

                   optimization programs are only as good as the personnel who utilize them.


               Keys to Simulation             

                   1. An emphasis on performance and reliability.

                   2. Solutions that have a proven record of success.

                   3. Consultants that understand the operational side of the business.



                   Area of Simulation                                                                                        

                   1. Distillation

                   2. Energy Utilization

                   3. Feed Stock Evaluation

                   4. Process Utilities


                   Example : Process Simulation - Typical Column









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