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                   Typical Operating Manuals

                        Engineering Design Guidelines

 Project Engineering Standards And Specifications




KLM Technology Group has developed Engineering Design Guidelines, Project Engineering Standards and Typical Operating Manuals to assist design engineers, operations and maintenance personnel in designing many of the equipment types in refining, off shore production and chemical plant unit operations. 

Engineering Standards are typically a collection of multiple industry references which need to be reviewed by an operations personnel or design engineer when designing or specifying a piece of equipment such as a control valve, relief valve or heat exchanger.  

The references at times can almost seem to contradicted each other.  There is a vast amount of engineering hours spent each year in reviewing these industry references and very often no good recommendation is developed from the reference review. 

To help simplify this process, we have reviewed the industry references and have developed guidelines for engineers to do Preliminary Designs and Process Specification Sheets.  The final design must always be guaranteed for the service selected by the manufacturing vendor, but these guidelines will greatly reduce the amount of up front engineering hours that are required to develop the final design. The guidelines are a training tool for young engineers or a resource for engineers with experience.

There are some very low cost guidelines and programs, sometimes even free, provided by the equipment vendors.  Let the buyer beware, many times these guidelines and programs tend to pick their brand as the best choice - good for the vendor, maybe not so good for the buyer.






























Typical Operating Manuals

Each Typical Operating Manual has 5 parts

A. Introduction / Scope - an introduction which has an overview of each application - 1 to 3 pages.

B.  Definitions - a list of definitions used in the industry and these guidelines - 1 to 3 pages.

C.  Process Description - 1 to 20 pages.

D. Normal Operations, start up and shut down - 1 to 20 pages.

F.  Emergency Operations, start up and shut down- 1 to 20 pages.

The introduction to each Typical Operating Manual can be reviewed on the link below.  Please contact us for ordering information.  We can also customize an Operations Manual.

One Operations Manual USD $399.95

Five Operations Manuals Project Engineering Standards USD $1799.95

Purchasing Procedures


A.   Refinery Group


1.    Operating Manual - Kerosene Hydrotreater


2.    Operating Manual - Light Cycle Oil Hydrotreater


3.    Operating Manual - Naphtha Hydrotreater


4.    Operating Manual - Catalytic Reformer


5.    Operating Manual - Crude Unit


6.    Operating Manual - Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit


7.    Operating Manual - Alkylation Unit


8.    Operating Manual - Sulphur Unit Test Run





B.    Utilities Group


20.  Operating Manual - Water Water Treatment Systems


21.  Operating Manual - Utility Boilers Systems


22.  Operating Manual - Inlet Water Treatment Systems


23.  Operating Manual - Instrument and Plant Air Systems


24.  Operating Manual - Fire Fighting Systems


25.  Operating Manual - Fuel Gas and Nitrogen Systems


26.  Operating Manual - Flare Systems









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