Key Partners


KLM Technology Group is pleased to have a group of Key Partners that help our mission of improving process plant operations.  This group can be a great asset to your Process Unit.

1. Summit Technology Management - is a Southeast Asia based Consulting Firm that conducts Process Studies, Process Simulation, Basic Design Packages, and Unit Commission.

2. Universiti Technolgi Malaysia - Institute of Bioproduct Development - is a Malaysian based internationally recognized University.  The Institute of Bioproduct Development is a division of the Chemical Engineering Department where Karl Kolmetz is a Senior Industrial Lecturer.  

3. eNPure - eNPure’s mission is to optimize the water treatment operations of our customers, through innovative equipment and chemical treatment programs.

eNPure Introduction

Pretreatment of Demineralized Water

Pretreatment of Feed Water

Retrofit of RO System

RO Introduction

4. Process Engineering Associates - is a USA based Consulting Firm specializing in process chemical engineering, process design, and process safety.



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